Signature Medical Pedicure

Our signature medical pedicure provides thorough nail and foot care with a qualified foot health professional. As required by law, all of our instruments are either sterilized or a single use, disposable variety. This greatly reduces the risk of any kind of cross contamination including bacterial, fungal and viral infections. How sure are you of the infection control policy of your local nail bar or salon?
What is a medical pedicure? In contrast to a classic pedicure a medical pedicure provides the most thorough and total care of the foot by a professional foot health expert who ensures absolute safety and hygiene. A medical pedicure is especially suitable for people who have problems such as foot sores where there is a problematic build-up of callus, hard skin, cracked heels and excessively sweaty feet. Also a medical pedicure is helpful to people who are diabetic or flat footed. It is also very good for mums-to-be!

Benefits of a medical pedicure:-

       Treatment is carried out by a foot health expert
       Does not traumatize healthy skin
       Skilfully handles remote areas
       It’s pain-free
       Treats and looks after the feet for longer period
       Helps provide some protection against fungal infections.

You will leave the clinic feeling light footed; leaving behind fatigue and heaviness in another life. You will feel like you are floating on air!