Fungal Nails

Nail fungus is a very common occurrence and can appear on both finger nails and toe nails. It is caused by a fungus that thrives in environments that are dark and damp such as in and around toe nails. This is because they are often enclosed in this type of environment in shoes and socks. In such cases the affected nails normally take on a yellowish/brown discolouration, may thicken and become brittle and in some cases can come away from the nail bed.
A fungal nail can be embarrassing and sometimes quite painful.
Who is more likely to be affected by nail fungus?

Anyone can contract nail fungus, however some people are more susceptible
than others.

Factors that contribute to the condition include:-

      Shared use of infected environments
      Unsanitary nail bars and spas
      Abnormal PH levels of the skin.
      Trauma to nail
      Poor hygiene of the feet
      Decreased immunity to fungus.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 Britain’s have some kind of toe nail fungus. It is one of the most common conditions that is treated by foot specialists.

Treatments for fungal nails

The difficulty in clinical diagnosis of a fungal nail is that other conditions can cause similar problems. This is why we suggest doing a simple laboratory test of a patient’s affected nail clipping to confirm diagnosis.

As this condition can be ongoing, The Contemporary Foot Care Company can devise a treatment and condition management plan to suit our patient’s circumstances. This would typically involve a professional reduction in the thickness of the affected nail(s) and the application of a suitable topical medication such as phytonail, imperial feet nails mycosis solution and tea tree oil. This would be accompanied with advised self-treatments of the particular medicament at home.

Tips for preventing fungal nails

       Avoid going to cheap unsanitary nail bars and spas
       Avoid acrylic nails and gels as these feed fungus
       Wear natural cotton socks
       If you have a nail fungus dry your hands or feet on a separate towel
       Give your nails a rest and do not use nail polish. Use tea tree oil instead.
       File nails very thin so topical treatments can be more effective

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