Foot Health Consultations

Essentially, the contemporary foot care company policy is that all foot health consultations provide an open assessment followed by the most suitable treatment for your condition.


Pregnancy triggers many different changes in a woman’s body. Many women have common complaints throughout their pregnancy. One of these complaints which are often over looked is foot pain. Due to natural weight gain during pregnancy a women’s centre of gravity is completely altered. This creates a new weight bearing stance which in many cases causes the feet to over pronate (soles of feet turn in more) due to added pressure on the knees and feet. In addition to this according to the society of chiropodists and podiatrists half of pregnant women feel under pressure to keep up with celebrity trends and a third of these risk their foot heath by wearing high heels or foot wear that lacks adequate support during pregnancy.
The real trick is to get someone to look after your feet for you, especially as it becomes increasingly difficult to reach your feet and breathe whilst bending down as the pregnancy progresses.
At the contemporary Foot Care Company our Signature Medical Pedicure is especially suitable as it provides a longer term, more thorough care of the foot. After a professional and careful examination of both feet the procedure could include suitable removal of callus, hard skin, treatment of any cracked heels which is a common condition with any change of posture and any other foot condition that is presented
As with all of our treatments every instrument used is either sterilized or of a single use disposable variety, greatly reducing the chance of picking up any bacterial, fungal or viral infections.