Foot Health Consultations

Essentially, the contemporary foot care company policy is that all foot health consultations provide an open assessment followed by the most suitable treatment for your condition.

Foot Care For Elderly

As an elderly patient it is important that you pay special attention to your feet with regard to foot hygiene, the cutting of nails, the type of sock/hosiery worn , type of shoe and other matters concerning the feet. As foot health practitioners we are fully qualified and insured to provide treatment for the numerous foot complaints particularly those that suffer from diabetes and or circulation disorders. Corns, verruca and the build up of callus can cause discomfort when walking causing a change in gait pattern which may lead to a loss is balance.

The contemporary foot care company supporting nursing and residential care establishments

Foot care practitioners within the contemporary foot care company are reliable, punctual and conduct themselves professionally at all times. They carry their identification, professional qualifications, insurance documents and enhanced CRB check at all times, should they be needed. To ensure control of cross infection we use separately sterilised or single use disposable instruments for each patient and all dressings, padding's, topical solutions and creams are included in our fees. Our prices for providers of residential care we feel are very competitive . Saturday visits can also be arranged with no extra charge. You can be assured that all residents will be treated with respect and receive the treatment they deserve from professionally qualified foot health practitioners.