Foot Health Consultations

Essentially, the contemporary foot care company policy is that all foot health consultations provide an open assessment followed by the most suitable treatment for your condition.

Diabetic Foot Health

DiabetesThe subject of diabetes is a vast one which continues to be researched with new developments made all of the time. Affecting many areas of the body, diabetes can have a resounding influence on the health of the feet and extra special care of them should be taken in the presence of diabetes.

How does diabetes affect the feet?

Over time, having altered blood sugar levels can affect the nerve pathways to the feet. This can lead to a reduction in sensation felt, usually starting with the toes and spreading to the rest of the foot. When this occurs any trauma to the foot may not be felt. For example a person may step on some broken glass and not be aware of it. This greatly increases the chance of wound infection and ulceration. Additionally diabetes can also reduce the blood supply to the feet which may hinder normal healing of any type of wound. Diabetes is a common condition affecting many people. It is a complex illness that can affect the body in many ways including the health of the lower limbs. Prevention and protection are key elements to maintaining good foot health in the presence of diabetes. It is important to attend a professional on a regular basis to ensure appropriate treatments even for routine foot care. At the contemporary foot care company we can provide this service in a caring, friendly, professional and hygienic way.