Category: Foot health

20 Apr

Foot Health and the Communal bare foot environment

Recreation has a substantial role in the life of the ever increasing number of citizens in the world . With the ever evolving and civilisation recreational environments are booming offering health promotion and social benefits accompanied with increasing comfort and sophisticated services. Many of these activities create direct exposure to communal bare foot environments, ranging […]

12 Jan

Are your feet ready for autumn? Autumn has come and as you put away the flip flops and sandals and pull out the boots and closed shoes, The Contemporary Foot Care Company offer you their special foot health tips to keep your feet pain free and healthy! -Make sure that the boots and or shoes […]

19 Jul

Is Inaction causing your heel pain?

When you awoke this morning, did you have a sharp stabbing pain to your feet? Do your feet hurt more after sitting and or sleeping? Do they get progressively worse as you stand or walk throughout the day? This heel pain is not normal and can often be helped  by understanding the problem and working […]