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12 Jan

Are your feet ready for autumn?

Autumn has come and as you put away the flip flops and sandals and pull out the boots and closed shoes, The Contemporary Foot Care Company offer you their special foot health tips to keep your feet pain free and healthy!

-Make sure that the boots and or shoes are not too tight. Don’t listen to over enthusiastic sales people who insist that the leather will stretch in time. As the winter progresses you will be adding more layers that will require more room.

-Watch those heel heights. The higher the heel the more pressure will be put on the ball of the foot.

-Beware of synthetics. Boots made out plastic do not breathe and only should be worn outdoors in wet weather. If you wear rubber boots do not wear or walk in them for any length of time if possible.

-For ladies who wear orthotics on a daily basis, make sure you have enough room to accommodate them.

-Comfort, Comfort, comfort. Regardless of how stylish the boots or shoes appear. Never sacrifice comfort for style. Looking good when your feet hurt is a bad executive decision.

-In a recent survey it was discovered that over 80% of us are walking around with incorrect fitting shoes.

*If you are experiencing any kind of foot pain, this is not normal and you should contact a professional. If you have any questions please contact the contemporary foot care company for a consultation.


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